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Card ef979b02ad03552f
Easy-to-build compact ATX Mid-Tower case with all-steel panels

S340 Elite

Card 90c55fa42e9a8eb5
Tempered glass compact ATX Mid-Tower with VR support


Card 934a7e07b2db722f
Premium ATX Mid-Tower for silent gaming and massive cooling


Card df0441a751b24c0b
High-performance small form factor mini-ITX Case

Noctis 450

Card 8a09fc923ecc736d
Bold and daring ATX Mid-Tower with floating ventilation panels

Noctis 450 ROG

Card d46caaadb62192b4
Republic of Gamers ATX Mid-Tower with Aura Sync RGB-lighting

Phantom 240

Card 3336cb554a56f6e5
Compact ATX Mid-Tower case with classic Phantom styling

Phantom 820

Card 3fc983477239f5ce
Ultra-Tower for the ultimate gaming build with built-in lighting

Phantom 410

Card 951a9cedb2e958f7
ATX Mid-Tower redesigned from the original Phantom

Phantom 530

Card adba7169668200fc
EATX Full-Tower with fully modular drive cage and great cooling


Card 006b42c0b6d7ebcb
The original Phantom EATX Full-Tower reknowned for its asymmetry

Phantom 630

Card ae74bda1344512d0
Uncompromising Phantom EATX Ultra-Tower for builders and gamers

H440 Hyper Beast

Card 71db21a5c2521353
Limited Edition Hyper Beast steel ATX mid-tower case

H440 EnVyUs

Card c24b68eba39dbd5a
Special Edition H440 ATX Mid-Tower with Team EnVyUs design

S340 - Designed by Razer™

Card 12e10dd673e98443
Razer designed S340 compact Mid-Tower packed with exclusive features

H440 - Designed by Razer™

Card 54823532bea17ce1
Special Edition H440 ATX Mid-Tower with Razer designed features

Source 530

Card 9664ecb7ef24e486
Value focused EATX Full-Tower designed with all the essentials

Guardian 921RB

Card 87ea10c322d676f4
Reborn Guardian ATX Mid-Tower gaming case with temperature monitor

Kraken X42

Card 08edb513c649f144
High-performance 140mm liquid cooler with lighting and CAM controls

Kraken X52

Card ca43fa0951b52c85
High-performance 240mm liquid cooler with lighting and CAM controls

Kraken X62

Card c16215a10a241bc5
High-performance 280mm liquid cooler with lighting and CAM controls

Aer P

Card 22e4f71fdb981dfb
120mm and 140mm high-performance static pressure PWM fans

Aer F

Card eee5fc820a844ed2
120mm and 140mm high-performance airflow PWM fans

Aer Trim

Card a9befd5522935567
Color trim for the Aer series fans

Kraken X61

Card e5fdbf48fd3bebbd
High-performance 280mm liquid cooler with CAM controls


Card 3e0a28dba3a12d3e
120mm and 140mm digitally controlled RGB LED fans for HUE+

Kraken X41

Card e2954a1333ffd112
Performance 140mm liquid cooler with extra thick radiators and CAM con...

Aer RGB & HUE+

Cover 00562db045b5d2ac
Bundle pack Aer RGB fans with HUE+ controller

Kraken X31

Card 7c508f4288b3f357
120mm liquid cooler with CAM controls

Kraken G10

Card ff087366249895b9
GPU mounting kit for Kraken X61 and X41


Card 64c828c7f5af1136
120mm and 140mm high-performance LED airflow fans

FZ Airflow Fan

Card fab9f00227a15914
High-performance airflow fan up to 200mm

FN V2 Airflow Fan

Card c3a24f89ada8c0d2
120mm and 140mm silence optimized airflow fan

FX V2 Radiator Fan

Card 2ad38daf4f49ac65
140mm high-performance static pressure PWM fans

FN 200

Card 11bc85f19fcca8d6
200mm airflow optimized fan for classic NZXT cases

HALE 82 V2

Card b22aa7a58fa992a3
500W to 700W fully-modular 80 Plus Bronze PSU


Card 3836ee4184bac08e
Cable management and headset-mounting solution for PC cases


Card 568d7edd65f08bda
Digital fan controller with 6 fan channels and CAM control

Sentry 3

Card 6fe0f899a3caa4e3
Five-channel fan control with 5.25" touch display

Internal USB Hub

Card 6c8c1c2a6eec9d81
Internal USB port expansion with dedicated power


Card 15e90aa45dd6230b
Advanced PC lighting with CAM digital controls

HUE+ Extension Kit

Card 77603aee49e895f6
Add two LED strips to extend HUE+'s lighting

Sleeved LED Kit

Card bfcf7cfefc29f326
Easiest and quickest way to add lighting to your PC