NZXT is always seeking courageous yet humble people who are as passionate about PC gaming as we are.

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We love games and gamers

  • Like-minded gamer colleagues
  • LAN nights
  • PC gaming in the office
  • Company field trips
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The nom nom noms

  • Delicious weekly company breakfasts
  • Fully stocked cafe with snacks and gourmet beverages
  • Happy Hours
  • Company events and product launch lunches
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Level up

  • Employer sponsored learning programs
  • 35% off through the Employee Purchase Program
  • Discounts with partners, such as Razer
  • Employer sponsored 401(k) retirement plan
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We've got you covered

  • 100% covered health insurance
  • 100% covered life insurance
  • 100% covered dental insurance
  • 100% covered vision insurance
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Rest up for the big game

  • 8 Paid holidays a year
  • Accrue 10 vacation days a year
  • Up to 5 sick leave days a year
  • Flexible scheduling
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We care

  • Socially and environmentally conscious company
  • Volunteer days with local non-profits
  • Technology recycling
  • NZXT philanthropy programs
  • NZXT provides a great opportunity of growth and flexibility not only with its employees but as a company. I also enjoy working with several talented and creative individuals who are willing to share their knowledge.

    Accounting Associate

  • As a gamer, being surrounded by passionate like-minded individuals allows for some amazing collaborations. At the end of the day, it's great to unwind with the team with a little Diablo 3 or CSGO.

    Public Relations Specialist

  • I enjoy working at NZXT because it feels like everyone is part of the same team. We all have the same goal of making our company succeed and I'm excited to see what the future has in store for us!

    Community Manager

  • NZXT is a great place to work because it is full of people passionate about PCs and gaming. We believe in what we do and it shows in our products. Go CAM!

    Software Product Manager