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January 26, 2016

NZXT presents Manta, its breakthrough ITX Case

BEND THE RULES - Softening the lines, changing the game, putting everything out there for everyone to see. NZXT takes ITX to a whole new level with a revolutionary design and uncompromising quality. View more

Product Launch

January 05, 2016


NZXT is launching its advanced CAM version 3.0 PC monitoring software. We took everything that you loved about 2.0 and refined the user interface and experience to a whole new level.View more

Product Launch

October 27, 2015

Bringing PC lighting to the next level with HUE+

NZXT introduces the HUE+, a digital lighting solution for the PC. Using CAM software control, HUE+ is an advanced lighting solution that offers PC users unprecedented illumination possibilities and includes smart lighting functions capable of reacting to changes in system conditions.View more

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