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Activater works in the film industry and has been for over a decade. While not working on films, he's on Twitch building a community of laughter and entertainment while trying to create high-end production value for the viewer.
Activater works in the film industry and has been for over a decade. While not working on films, he's on Twitch building a community of laughter and entertainment while trying to create high-end production value for the viewer.
From raging on H1Z1 to singing Disney songs, it is never a dull moment in Ava's stream. Experience an interactive chat and tilt inducing gameplay with one of Twitch's most entertaining streamers.
Meet Cali and welcome to her verse, the Caliverse. A partnered, full time, variety streamer on Twitch, Cali likes to share the sunshine with everyone by making them smile and encouraging them in their everyday lives. In the Caliverse we laugh, become family, and play games together. So come see what this special universe is about.
When Benny was a young monster he once said, “Some day I’ll be the world’s first billionaire real-estate monster mogul movie star.” Nobody ever said Benny was clairvoyant, and that’s good because he absolutely is not. Benny is, however, the first legitimate monster streamer on Twitch. Fueled by a diet of burritos and hot wings no gaming challenge is too big for Benny. Except when it actually is.
One of the most successful female Hearthstone players in the competitive scene today, Eloise's charming humor and unique playstyles makes her Twitch streams some of the most entertaining and informative to watch. Recently Eloise placed 5th in the ONOG Geico Heartstone major at PAX East 2017!
With a background in video game publishing, FemSteph made the transition to become a full-time broadcaster on to further pursue her passion in gaming. A variety caster at heart, she plays everything from First-Person Shooters, to Puzzle Platformers, to Survival Horror and will always entertain with her rage-induced dialogue.
FhaeLin is a full-time partnered Twitch broadcaster, streaming a variety of games with a focus on RPG and horror games. Her broadcasts focus on interaction, good vibes, and humor. Voice acting, singing, and other shenanigans are commonplace and are a large part of the warm community feel of her channel.
Brittney has been a passionate gamer since her early years, which transitioned into her love of streaming on With the original intentions of going into costume design, she stumbled upon cosplay after attending her first Dragon*Con in 2009. Since then she has attended numerous conventions in the US and Internationally. Brittney has worked with multiple video game companies as a professional cosplayer and hopes to inspire creativity and positivity into the gaming community.
Ladee Danger
Jordan "LEGIQN" Payton is officially the people's weirdo. He's managed to keep hundreds of thousands of followers entertained for years, and loves tacos almost as much as he loves mid-stream karaoke sessions and occasionally falling out of his chair. You have no idea how amazing his community is. Or do you?
Marn is one of the first players in the fighting game community to be sponsored by an eSports team. Driven by trolling and being an entertainer, his streams are one of the greatest things to ever exist on this Earth.
Matt is a computer builder and modder. His passion for tinkering and customizing turned his hobby of building personal computers into his career. His goal is to educate and inspire others to build and personalize PC's on social media.
Derek’s passion for building and modding rigs has pushed him to be a full-time builder. Sharing his passion for building across his social media channels, Derek hopes to help, guide, and push others to step out of their comfort zone when building.
Elijah aka "Overclocked PC" is a computer systems builder and aspiring modder with over a dozen completed PCs to his name. Documenting his experiences across social media with daily posts to Instagram and occasional tweets, he hopes to captivate and inspire those in the PCDIY community. Visit "Overclocked PC" on Instagram to see what he is working on now!
Overclocked PC
sapphiRe has been a competitive Counter-Strike player since the early 2000’s. She won the female World Cup 2012 with Ubinited and is now currently with Team Dignitas. sapphiRe, considered one of the world's top CS:GO Observers, has observed for prestigious event such as ESL, IEM, ELEAGUE, MLG & more
SincerelyLyn, or Lyn, is a variety streamer on Twitch. She enjoys the competitiveness of games like League of Legends and Overwatch, but she also appreciates the relaxed atmosphere that other games create too. Lyn's goal is to form an easygoing, pleasant community where viewers can forget about their problems.
Bryant "SMUG" Huggins AKA Bryant SMUGGINS is an African American Talented Individual that plays Video games. He is the Mayor of Duff City and Keeps it Classy to his enemies in the Street Fighter franchise! He mostly enjoys taking care of GRANDMA SMUG and eating Turkey Neck-bones religiously on his stream to purposely make his fans jealous. He also wants to tell all his fans to stay in school!