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Phantom 410 - White

Color :


$ 9999

Product overview

  • Clearance for top 240mm dual radiator for water cooling solutions.
  • Adjustable interior pivot 120mm/140mm fan slot for directional air flow.
  • Removable HDD cage to allow more room for extended video cards.
  • Innovative right mounted HDD rails for easy hard drive replacement.
  • Single 120mm/140mm side fan with acrylic window for interior viewing and cooling.
  • Front Internal 2x USB 3.0 headers, 2x USB 2.0, audio and microphone input.
  • 30W 3-step fan control for setting up your system for silence or performance.
  • Wire management support up to 25mm space for easy cable management.
  • Screw-less 5.25” and HDD trays that secures 2.5” SSD.
  • Cooling capability of up to eight fans (2x 120mm and 1x 140mm LED fan included).
SizeMid Tower
Model NumberCA-PH410-W1 White
CA-PH410-B1 Black
CA-PH410-R1 Red
CA-PH410-W2 White with Blue Stripes
CA-PH410-B3 Black with Orange stripes
CA-PH410-G1 Gunmetal
CA-PH410-B2 Black with White stripes
6 INTERNAL 3.5" Slots
Screwless Rail Design
Cooling SystemFRONT, 2x120mm or 1 X 140mm (1x120mm included)
REAR, 1 X 120mm (included)
SIDE, 1 x 120mm or 1 x 140mm
TOP, 2 X 120/140mm (1 x 140mm included)
BOTTOM, 1 x 120mm
PIVOT, 1 x 120mm or 1 x 140mm
FiltersFront (Included)
Bottom Rear (Included)
Top 2 x 120mm
ClearanceVGA Card 305mm (w/o fan), 280mm (installed), 230mm (full pivot)
Cable Management 25mm
Dimensions215mm(W) x 516mm(H) X 532mm(D)
Motherboard SupportATX, MICRO-ATX, MINI-ITX
Expansion Slots7
External Electronics1 x Audio/Mic, 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0
Single Chanel 30W Fan Controller
Product Weight9 kg
UPC15671010520 (White)
15671010537 (Black)
15671010544 (Red)
15671010759 (White/Blue)
15671010766 (Black/Orange)
15671010773 (Gunmetal)
15671010780 (Black/White)
Warranty2 years

by Allround PCSmall allroundpc nl

The Phantom 410 can definitely win in terms of design. Just as our tool-less design, more..

by HW BoxSmall hwbox gr

The Phantom 410 should be awarded the sexy looks awrd and the Performance award. more..

by Pure OverclockSmall pureoverclock

So if you're in the market for a mid-tower chassis that will compete with the bigger, and more expensive full towers, then the NZXT Phantom 410 is a fantastic deal at just $100.  more..

by Tech Power UpSmall techpowerup

NZXT has put so much thought into the design of the chassis and then clearly shows the raw fan in the front and top of the chassis. more..

by BCC HardwareSmall bcchardware

Overall, the NZXT Phantom 410 was a pleasure to work with. I found the build quality to be very good. It comes with a flawless finish that everyone will appreciate and is a great choice for anyone who wants to show off their rigs inside. more..

by The Best Case ScenarioSmall thebestcasescenario

NZXT is a company that's focused on it's customers and this case is yet another in a long line of user-friendly cases. more..

by Overclockers.comSmall overclockers

The Phantom 410 is a fine looking case with many excellent features. If you live where dust is only a long term problem, you could use it unmodified. more..

by HardcorewareSmall hardcoreware

So really, it comes down to what you want in a mid tower chassis. One thing is for sure though, at $99, there is absolutely no way the NZXT Phantom 410 Gunmetal is leaving us without an award! more..

by Overclock3DSmall overclock3d

The build process was a pleasurable one, made even more so by the generous provision of 27 cable tie mounts. Other case manufacturers should take a leaf out of NZXTs book here. more..

by 3D Game ManSmall 3dgameman

It looks sexy, but is smart as well! This case has lots of drive bays, fans, cable management, cooler hole, tool-less design and is available in three different colors. If you in the market for something different I'd take a look at this case. more..

by Metku ModsSmall metku

The newcomer features the same, very unique and cool looks, packs a LOT of optional cooling and can also take all the longest graphic cards. more..

by KitGuruSmall kitguru

The Gunmetal colour finish really is beautiful and it helps ensure that the case will stand out in a very crowded marketplace. more..

by Gamers Daily News (GDN)Small gamersdailynews

In the end, the NZXT Phantom 410 is an outstanding case that has a lot to offer. With plenty of room and liquid cooling options, the Phantom 410 would be great for an enthusiast, while the mostly tool-less design makes it great for amateur builders. more..

by Egypt HardwareSmall egypthardware

And we summarize what came in the images in a number of words, NZXT Phantom 410 is the fund professional comes to the full what he wishes those who want to own a best stuff and at the same retention time equivalency of the financial element. more..

by Techware LabsSmall techwarelabs

Overall I found the Phantom 410 to be a great case. It looks good and is well designed. The cable management is top notch and there is enough ventilation for even the hottest gaming systems more..

by Bjorn 3DSmall bjorn3d

The NZXT Phantom 410 is a great choice for anyone that wants a feature packed, solid mid tower with great cooling, room to work, and stunning looks.  more..

by PC OverwareSmall pc overware

To summarize this case, it is high, offers a very valuable workspace, it is very beautiful both in aesthetics as the bright white paint, we also appreciate the ease of disassembly of the front and top to remove dust or install / uninstall a fan, etc. incl more..

by Hi Tech LegionSmall hitechlegion

The original Phantom full-tower case set the tone and benchmark in terms of quality and design functionality for NZXT and the NZXT Phantom 410 is a worthy case to carry on that legacy. more..

by FutureLooksSmall future looks

If you're on hunt for a computer case that will turn heads, has great cooling potential and worthwhile features, I highly recommend the NZXT Phantom 410. more..

by TweakTownSmall tweaktown

The bottom line: NZXT really delivers quite the package with stunning looks and a high level of attention to detail. The NZXT Phantom 410 is a new favorite of mine, especially in red! more..

by Real World LabsSmall realworldlabs

NZXT Phantom 410 Mid-Tower Chassis is without doubt a very attractive proposal in the sub-100$/e segment of the market, perhaps the best one yet. more..

by Hardware SecretsSmall hardwaresecrets

The Phantom 410 looks nice with its glossy automotive painting, and brings many features. Its construction quality is vastly superior to NZXT's cases sold below USD 80, making it a good pick if you like its features and don't mind its few drawbacks. more..

by Legit ReviewsSmall legitreviews

A great follow up to the NZXT Phantom full-tower for people looking to get the same look in a mid-tower form factor. However, the price point is slightly above competitors with similar feature sets and build quality. more..

by eTeknixSmall eteknix

NZXT have a mid tower charm in their Phantom 410 which is a successful and worthwhile addition to the commendable Phantom family.  more..

by Traficantes de HardwareSmall traficantesdehardware

The NZXT Phantom 410 is a high quality chassis, that if he continues not including anti-dust filter in the main air intake, detail present throughout the series. more..

by Xtreme HardwareSmall xtremehardware

The Phantom 410 is an excellent mid-tower, aggressive for its particular form, but at the same time elegant thanks to the contrast black and white office for its compact size but also by the solutions used for gaming, in short, a house suitable for any us more..

by HexusSmall hexus

It's easy to see why NZXT's Phantom has become a popular choice among self-builders; it isn't too expensive, it's high on features, it looks quirky, and it offers excellent cooling performance. more..

by VortezSmall vortez

The bottom line is NZXT have built on the success of a firm favourite. Phantom 410 boasts similar characteristics to that of the original Phantom but in a smaller shell and more affordable price-tag. more..

by Tom's HardwareSmall tomshardware

NZXT's Phantom 410 provides the lowest temperatures, lowest noise, and best acoustic efficiency of the five cases in today's test. more..

by PC FosterSmall pcfoster

Phanton 410 jest jedn? z lepszych obudów w zakresie cenowym do 400 z?otych, przez co polecam j? wszystkim szukaj?cym dobrego sprz?tu za rozs?dne pieni?dze. more..

by Inside HardwareSmall insidehw

La struttura solida e la presenza di notevoli accorgimenti per le più disparate configurazioni, rendono questo prodotto, versatile e concreto. L'aspetto estetico è di assoluto rilievo, e personalmente ci ha molto affascinati per le ardite linee di design  more..

by PC

E quel qualcosa indica come il NZXT Phantom 410 sia un case dalla qualità eccelsa, superba. Raramente si sono viste finiture ed elementi della qualità proposti in questo prodotto che, capendo comunque chi non tolga il cappello davanti ad esso, ha trovato  more..

by TheLab.grSmall thelabgr

“Phantom 410 ????? ??? ????? ?????? ????????, ?? ????? ???? ?????? ?? ??????????? ??? ????????? ??? ?????? ?? ?????. ??? high end ?????? ????????, ????? ??? -????? ???- ??? custom ????????.” more..

by Pro-ClockersSmall pro clockers

Yes, once again NZXT has upped the ante on PC cases. The assortment of colors is ideal for those that like to color match there components. more..

Phantom 410 Wallpaper 1920x1080 JPG92.3 KBDownload
Manual Phantom 410 MultiPDF21.2 MBDownload
Phantom 410 Wallpaper 1440x900JPG64.9 KBDownload
Phantom 410 Wallpaper 1680x1050JPG82.4 KBDownload
Phantom 410 Wallpaper 1280x1024JPG55.1 KBDownload


The first descendant of the revolutionary Phantom, the Phantom 410 delivers extreme performance and value in a compact mid-sized tower.

Phantom410 images 01


The Phantom 410 features screw-less HDD trays, and innovative right mounted HDD rails, a solution for easy hard drive replacement and installation. Additionally, a removable HDD cage enables installation of full length graphics cards. The new Phantom also comes with up-to-date internal USB 3.0 headers that directly connect to the motherboard.

Phantom410 images 03


The Phantom 410 comes with three pre-installed fans (2x 120mm and 1x 140mm) with support for up to eight total fans and a 240mm dual radiator at the top of the case. A newly designed 120mm/140mm pivoting internal fan slot allows you to increase cooling on your GPU. A single channel 30W fan controller allows you to easily adjust your airflow.

Phantom410 images 02


Pro Clockers Highly Recommended
3DGameMan 100% Kickass
Allround-PC Empferlung NZXT Phantom
BCC Hardware Editor's Choice Gold
Bjorn3D Silver Bear
Egypt Hardware Gold
Eteknix Editor's Choice
Future Looks Recommended 5-star
GDN Gold
Hardcoreware Recommended
Hardware Secrets Golden Award
Hexus Performance
Hi Tech Legion Editor's Choice Gold
HWBox Performance
KitGuru Worth Buying
Metku Silver
Overclock 3D Silver
Overclockers Approved
PC Overware Gold
Pure Overclock Great Value
Real World Labs Editor's Choice
The Best Case Scenario Perfect 10
Tech Power Up Editor's Choice
Techware Labs Awesome
Toms Hardware Approved
Traficantes Gran Eleccion
TweakTown Best Value
Vortez Gold
xTremeHardware Gold Gold Award
PC Foster Recommended
PC Gold Very Good

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