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Aer Trim

Color Trims for the Aer F and Aer P

  • The Aer P high static pressure fan is designed for liquid-cooling perfection. Engineered to maximize the cooling potential of radiators, it features a chamfered intake and exhaust for high-performance airflow and winglet-designed blades to improve drag efficiency. The Aer P uses fluid dynamic bearing to provide silent operations, long-term durability, and achieves powerful cooling performance.


    The Aer F performance fan is designed to maximize airflow through your build. Engineered to move air efficiently, it features a chamfered intake and exhaust for high volume airflow, and winglet-designed blades to reduce drag. The Aer F uses fluid dynamic bearing to provide silent operations, long-lasting durability, and powerful cooling performance with color customization.

  • Changeable color trim available in blue, red, and white

  • Each package includes two colored trims



DimensionsAer Trim 120: 118 x 118 x 9.5mm
Aer Trim 140: 138 x 138 x 9.5mm
Warranty2 years
WeightAer Trim 120: 7g
Aer Trim 140: 9g
Model NumberRF-ACT12-R1(Aer Trim 120 - Red)
RF-ACT12-U1(Aer Trim 120 - Blue)
RF-ACT12-W1(Aer Trim 120 - White)
RF-ACT14-R1(Aer Trim 140 - Red)
RF-ACT14-U1(Aer Trim 140 - Blue)
RF-ACT14-W1(Aer Trim 140 - White)
UPC815671013118(Aer Trim 120 - Red)
815671012920(Aer Trim 120 - Blue)
815671012937(Aer Trim 120 - White)
815671012944(Aer Trim 140 - Red)
815671012951(Aer Trim 140 - Blue)
815671012968(Aer Trim 140 - White)
EAN5060301693351(Aer Trim 120 - Red)
5060301693368(Aer Trim 120 - Blue)
5060301693375(Aer Trim 120 - White)
5060301693382(Aer Trim 140 - Red)
5060301693399(Aer Trim 140 - Blue)
5060301693405(Aer Trim 140 - White)
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