Kraken X72

Cover 2baa7102bb6f1649
CAM-powered 360mm AIO Cooler with RGB

Kraken X62

Cover c6637a7493d26889
CAM-powered 280mm AIO Cooler with RGB

Kraken X52

Cover 327beb841114382a
CAM-powered 240mm AIO Cooler with RGB

Kraken X42

Cover d887bc90326b67f0
CAM-powered 140mm AIO Cooler with RGB

Kraken M22

Cover 63a8f7a14ddd8fa9
120mm Liquid Cooler with RGB Lighting Effects

Kraken G12

Cover ed8e7a192c7fe263
GPU Mounting Kit for Kraken Series AIO


Cover 5245c1b873567e73
120mm and 140mm RGB LED Fans for HUE+

Aer RGB & HUE+

Card 0fff183b62b1589e
HUE+ Controller and Aer RGB Bundle

Aer P

Cover 034abed62b214fb3
High-performance Airflow Fans

Aer F

Cover 81f626696e0256b9
High-performance Airflow Fans

Aer Trim

Cover 456039cfbe9606c7
Color Trims for the Aer F and Aer P