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Phantom 530



$ 12999

Product overview

  • Single channel, 30W fan controller with integrated fan hub.
  • Up to three 200mm fans for maximum airflow.
  • Discrete SSD mount behind motherboard tray.
  • 34mm of cable management clearance.
  • Fully modular, interchangeable hard drive cages.
  • Signature rear I/O LEDs + Latest USB 3.0 connection.
  • Large acrylic window that gives a perfect view of your awesome build.
  • Extensive liquid cooling support includes Kraken X31/X41/X61 all-in-one solutions and radiators of up to 360mm in size.
  • Durable steel constructed 5.25” optical drive latches.
  • Eight motherboard expansion slots offer comprehensive expandability.
SizeFull Tower
Model NumberCA-PH530-W1 White
CA-PH530-B1 Black
CA-PH530-R1 Red
Drive BaysExternal 5.25" x 3
Internal 3.5" /2.5": 6
Internal 2.5": 1 + 6
Cooling SystemFront 2x140mm/ 120mm or 1x200mm
(1 x 200mm included)
Rear 1x140mm (included) / 120mm
Bottom 2x120mm
Side 1x140mm
Top 2x200mm/ 140mm or 3x120mm
Interior 1x120mm/140mm
ClearanceCPU Cooler 183mm
VGA Card 282mm (With Cage & Pivot Fan), 310mm (With Cage), 444mm (Without Cage)
Cable Management 26mm (Lowest Point)/ 34mm (Highest Point)
Dimensions235mm x 572mm x 543mm
MaterialSteel, Plastic
Motherboard SupportITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, EATX (322x272mm)
Expansion Slots8
External Electronics1 x Audio / Mic
2 x USB 3.0
Fan Controller
Rear IO LED Switch
Product Weight10.5 kg
UPC815671011572 (White)
815671011589 (Black)
815671011640 (Red)
EAN5060301690824 (White)
5060301690831 (Black)
5060301690893 (Red)
Warranty2 Years

by AnandtechSmall anandtech

""at $129, the Phantom 530 is practically bulletproof."" more..

by Hard OCPSmall hardocp

This case is easily one of the best looking cases we've ever reviewed... more..

by Modding.frSmall moddingfr

NZXT a su relooker son Phantom en conservant son côté agressif atypique tout en arrondissant les angles! 144,99€ c'est le tarif de l'élégance et de la qualité. more..

by Next HardwareSmall nexthardware

Consigliamo dunque il nuovo Phantom 530 a tutti coloro che vogliono un case unico nel suo genere, performante e spazioso come pochi in relazione alle dimensioni complessive. more..

by Gamers NexusSmall gamersnexus

NZXT has added 70% more cable management space, making our lives much easier when sealing the case post-build. more..

by PC MagazineSmall pcmag

If you want a midrange case with enthusiast, high-end performance, the NZXT Phantom 530 is a great choice. more..

by Tech Power UpSmall techpowerup

The Phantom 530 is a great choice for those wanting something that is more traditional in size—all while still featuring the cool look and excellent paint job of the Phantom line. more..

by Mod CrashSmall modcrash

You can't go wrong with this case for a beginner or advanced build since the case does [exactly] what you need it to do. more..

by eTeknixSmall eteknix

If you want the biggest and the best Phantom yet and plan on building something spectacular, then the new Phantom 530 will blow you away. more..

by TweakTownSmall tweaktown

""With the sweet and gentle pricing of just less than $140 to get this chassis to your door, I only have one question at this point. Why are you not shopping for yours right now? "" more..

by Hardware CanucksSmall hardwarecanucks

""There's no doubt that the Phantom 530 is well designed inside and out..."" more..

by Overclock3DSmall overclock3d

Even in the geek infested world of PC components brand identification is important, and in a world of black boxes, whether it be in Blood Red, Matte Black or the White seen above, the Phantom range is a brand that stands out... more..

by 3D Game ManSmall 3dgameman

The NZXT Phantom 530 Case is a full tower so it has lots of space, looks great, plenty of drive bays, cable management, fits long video cards/PSUs, 30W fan controller, I/O LEDs, USB3 and more... more..

by Hardware CanucksSmall hardwarecanucks

""There's no doubt that the Phantom 530 is well designed inside and out..."" more..

by Hi Tech LegionSmall hitechlegion

With the Phantom 530, NZXT has taken the distinctive Phantom styling and raised it to a new level with incredible refinement. The Phantom 530 is not just another pretty face, though, because under its flawless finish, the 530 is a full-tower that offers i more..

by Cow Cot LandSmall cowcotland

Conclusion Une chose est sûre et certaine, ce Phantom 530 perpétue la longue lignée des Phantom, avec un design toujours, voire plus, plaisant car un poil plus en rondeur. Read more at more..

by Clube Do HardwareSmall clubedohardware br

If you are looking for a case with 8 expansion slots, aggressive looks, a spacious interior and solid construction, the Phantom 530 is an excellent choice. more..

by Hardware SecretsSmall hardwaresecrets

If you are looking for a case with eight expansion slots, aggressive look, ample internal space, and sturdy construction, the NZXT Phantom 530 is a terrific choice. more..

by BCC HardwareSmall bcchardware

Whether you're looking for an air cooled case, or you're planning on running a wild, water cooling setup this case can fit your needs. more..

by Scratchwiz PCSmall skratchwizpc

Overall, the Phantom 530 is a very good case, and even though it's a smaller case, it still has a ton to offer. more..

by Inside HardwareSmall insidehw

Questo nuovo modello fa ancora una volta sfoggio di un design avveniristico, caratterizzato da linee sofisticate che ricordano quanto visto in passato, ma rivisitate, nonchè per una verniciatura in nero lucido, tra le migliori in assoluto che ci sia mai c more..

Hardware Canucks Video Review


SkratchWiz PC Phantom 530 Review

Phantom530 1920x1080 WallpaperJPG117 KBDownload
Phantom530 1680x1050 WallpaperJPG114 KBDownload
Phantom530 1440x900 WallpaperJPG88.3 KBDownload
Phantom530 1280x1024 WallpaperJPG89.7 KBDownload
Phantom530 1920x1080 2 WallpaperJPG112 KBDownload
Phantom530 1680x1050 2 WallpaperJPG103 KBDownload
Phantom530 1440x900 2 WallpaperJPG76.6 KBDownload
Phantom530 1280x1024 2 WallpaperJPG76.8 KBDownload
Phantom530 1920x1080 3JPG173 KBDownload
Phantom530 1680x1050 3JPG147 KBDownload
Phantom530 1440x900 3JPG109 KBDownload
Phantom530 1280X1024 3JPG117 KBDownload
Manual Phantom 530PDF7.8 MBDownload


Newly engineered chassis with modern features and the Phantom’s signature asymmetrical design.

Phantom530 images 01


Hard drive cages with discreet SSD mounts located behind the motherboard tray keep cable clutter to a minimum. Cable management space compared to the original Phantom full tower has been expanded by 70%.

Phantom530 images 04


Up to three 200mm fans can be installed for maximum airflow. Liquid cooling support includes radiator support to 360mm in size. An integrated 30W fan controller allows you to easily manage airflow.

Phantom530 images 05


3DGameMan's Pick
BCC Hardware Editor's Choice Gold
Clube de Hardware Produto Recomendado
Cow Cot Land D'argent
Eteknix Editor's Choice
Hard OCP Editor's Choice
Hardware Canucks Dam Good
Hardware Secrets Golden Award
Hi Tech Legion Editor's Choice Gold
NextHardware 5 / 5 Rating
Overclock 3D Gold
Tech Power Up Editor's Choice
TweakTown Editor's Choice
Hardware Canucks Dam Good Value
Skratchwiz PC Editor's Choice Gold Award
Mod Crash Recommended Approved

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