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High-performance SFF Mini-ITX Case

  • Bending the rules, softening the lines, putting everything out there for everyone to see. We took ITX to a whole new level with a revolutionary design and uncompromising quality. The result? A clean, easy build and blazing performance. Go ahead, show it off. Introducing Manta.

  • Fully filtered, easy-to-remove intake

  • Integrated PSU shroud for a beautifully clean build

  • Kraken X62-ready with push/pull capabilities

  • Dual 280mm liquid cooling support

  • Double the cable management space

  • Elegant, curved steel paneling and window

  • New manufacturing technology offers unparalleled build quality


DimensionsW: 245 x H: 426 x D: 450mm
Motherboard Supportmini-ITX
I/O PortsI/O Panel LED On/Off, 1 x Audio/Mic, USB 3.0
Drive BaysInternal 3.5”: 2
Internal 2.5”: 3
Expansion Slots2
Power Supply SupportATX
Fan SupportFront: 2 x 140/120mm (2 x 120mm included)
Top: 2 x 140/120mm
Rear: 1 x 120mm (Included)
Radiator SupportFront: Up to 280mm
Top: Up to 280mm
Rear: 120mm
ClearanceCPU Clearance: 160mm
GPU Clearance: 363mm
GPU Max Thickness: 44mm
PSU Length: 363mm
Model NumberCA-MANTW-M2 (Matte Black/Red)
UPC815671012760 (Matte Black/Red)
EAN5060301693092 (Matte Black/Red)
Manta Multi-language ManualPDF7.38 MBDownload

HexusSmall hexus 02/19/2016

It looks great, it's good to work with, and it can accommodate high-end liquid cooling with ease. more..

eTeknixSmall eteknix 02/03/2016

The NZXT Mantra is a breath of fresh air, offering up a unique design and huge potential for a high-end gaming build. NZXT really mixed things up with this chassis and it’s certainly to be a big hit with system builders around the world. It may be the biggest mini-ITX chassis we’ve seen, but perhaps bigger really is better! more..

VortezSmall vortez 02/03/2016

Manta is a wonderful commencement for NZXT in the Mini-ITX division. This case has all bases covered in terms of functionality and is distinctly unlike any other computer chassis on the market. more..

Tom's HardwareSmall tomshardware 02/14/2016

Der Innenraum ist durchdacht, bietet einen Netzteiltunnel, viele Möglichkeiten zur versteckten Kabelverlegung sowie spezielle Beleuchtungs- und Belüftungs-Features, während der Außenbereich dank des verstärkten Zwei-Komponenten-Aufbaus aus Kunststoff und Stahlblech einen besonders stabilen Eindruck vermittelt. more..

Think ComputersSmall thinkcomputers 02/14/2016

"...an enthusiast piece that can be easily fit onto your desktop, look awesome, and still leave room for other things. I adore the simplicity in accessing all the parts of the case..." more..

Hardware LuxxSmall hardwareluxx 02/19/2016

Dafür ist es aber ein großes Mini-ITX-Gehäuse mit Charakter: Es verbindet eine einzigartige Optik mit dem Komfort des geräumigen Innenraumes und einigen bemerkenswerten Produktmerkmalen.  more..

Bit TechSmall bittech 02/19/2016

"...the aesthetics and size of this case are so unique that they're probably going to be the deciding factor. If you're smitten by the look and a convert to the Real Cases Have Curves camp, the Manta will make a great home for a high-end mini-ITX build." more..

Cow Cot LandSmall cowcotland 02/19/2016

C'est le deuxième boitier de type ITX tour que nous testons cette semaine et nous devons bien dire que ce nouveau modèle nous a également fait une forte impression. Tout d'abord, ce dernier est réellement beau, très beau, avec toutes ses formes arrondies et harmonieuses. Ensuite, la finition est tout simplement haut de gamme. Le châssis est excellent, même si nous aurions aimé une cage HDD à 270 ° dans le bas avec deux paniers. Mais mis à part cela, soyons très honnêtes, ce Manta est un excellent boitier ITX et son seul défaut réside en fait dans son prix, car il sera proposé à pas moins de 139.90 €, ce qui est une grosse somme pour de l'ITX. Cependant, vous ne serez pas volés et vous ne serez pas déçus par ce dernier. Toutefois, certains passeront quand même leur chemin en raison du volume de ce boitier.  more..

Modding.frSmall moddingfr 02/19/2016

NZXT nous présente une autre façon de rentrer dans le monde aquatique avec un boitier mini ITX. Ses dimensions, certes généreuses, sont nécessaires pour concilier une config de type gaming avec un watercooling. more..

Tweak.dkSmall tweak dk 02/19/2016

NZXT has done it again, created a little pearl to their collection. The spectacular exterior is awesome and helps to give good space inside the case. There is plenty of space for cooling and cables, which are otherwise rarely in ITX cases. more..

Guru 3DSmall guru3d 02/19/2016

NZXT has brought a proper, sturdy and very unique curved looking mini-me chassis to market. more..

Hardware.InfoSmall hwinfo 02/21/2016

Bijzonder materiaalgebruik verheft de Manta boven de concurrentie more..

Gamers NexusSmall gamersnexus 02/23/2016

The Manta on the whole is an exceptionally easy case to build in, offers reasonable thermal performance, and offers top-class build quality. more..

Xtreme HardwareSmall xtremehardware 03/09/2016


hermitage akihabaraSmall 89682efeb023d2d8 03/16/2016

Mantaは、想像以上に完成度が高く、細部まで熟成されていた。 more..

ComputerBase.deSmall compbase 02/14/2016

Insgesamt ist das NZXT Manta ein Mini-Tower, der durch sein einzigartiges Konzept und dessen Umsetzung zusammen mit der Ausstattung eine Menge Kaufargumente liefert. more..

ReHWolutionSmall 5673fc3bc6e70888 03/16/2016

Un case costoso, ma dalle features e dalle soluzioni tecniche davvero raffinate: l'NZXT Manta è un prodotto capace di soddisfare le manie di "grandezza" di chi vuole una bestia in formato ridotto. more..

pcGameware.co.ukSmall pcgameware.co.uk 03/22/2016

Every now and then a new Case comes along that resets your thoughts on what makes a good case and make no mistake the NZXT Manta is a good Case. But it’s simply more than just a good case, what makes it a great Case is that it is like no other, it’s unique. And it’s is this that makes it more than just a great case, this makes it desirable… more..

Pure OverclockSmall pureoverclock 03/22/2016

NZXT has hit it out of the park again with the Manta. This is by far the perfect case for nearly everyone! Whether you are a system builder, gamer, or water cooling enthusiast, you just can’t go wrong. more..

The Mod ZooSmall modzoo 03/22/2016

Motion may not seem important, but when you look at a desk full of static objects your eye is drawn to the Manta due to the curved edges and uniqueness it exudes. PC enthusiasts, gamers, and of course modders are trying to set their builds apart from the crowd and starting with a case that draws your eye out of the box is a winning formula. more..

KitGuruSmall kitguru 04/12/2016

The combination of stealth air vents, chunky panels and sensible design in the main compartment work superbly well and we were entirely satisfied with the noise levels. more..

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