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Digital fan controller with 6 fan channels and CAM control

  • Six fan ports line the sides of the GRID+ V2, while two included splitters allow you to control up to eight fans using a single GRID+.
  • Custom fan naming allows you to effortlessly control specific individual fans using CAM software.
  • Preset fan profiles allow easy control, while our custom fan profiles allow you to create your own fan curve and have GRID+ V2 raise/lower fan speeds based on temps.
  • Full mobile control is planned to be released in 2016 on Android and iOS through our CAM Mobile platform.
  • Keep your PC safe with built-in over/under-volt and short circuit protection.
  • The small form factor of the GRID+ V2 allows you to discreetly install it anywhere in your case, making cable management easy.


Model NumberAC-GRDP2-M1
Dimensions73mm x 18mm x 73mm
Fan ControlControlled via CAM Software
Included Accessories5 x Zipties
2 x 3-Pin Female to 4-Pin/3-Pin Y extension cables
1 x Molex to phone jack connector
1 x Micro-USB cable
Product Weight94.2g
Fan Connector Quantity6
Maximum Combined Wattage30
Mounting3M Dual Lock
Input Connector12V with Molex 4-Pin connector
Warranty2 Years
GRID+ V2 DriversZIP783 KBDownload
GRID+ V2 ManualPDF1.78 MBDownload

Tom's HardwareSmall tomshardware 03/08/2016

Für alle, die eine vielseitige Lüftersteuerung suchen, die sich über eine übersichtliche Software bedienen und sich versteckt im Gehäuse verbauen lässt, statt auf externe Bedienung und die Nutzung von 5,25-Zoll-Einschüben zu setzen, ist die rund 35 Euro teure NZXT Grid+ V2 somit derzeit die günstigste und vielseitigste Wahl für alle, die auf die Lüfterregelung per PWM verzichten können. more..

TweakTownSmall tweaktown 03/08/2016

Considering everything we have seen in the GRID+ V2 and where we see cases going in the future, it won't be long until you too will feel the need to own one of these or a similar kind of device. more..

ProclockersSmall pro clockers 03/08/2016

The Grid V2+ as a digital fan controller is a good alternative to other fan controllers. It helps in cable management and control ventilation effectively through fan control. more..

Benchmark ReviewsSmall benchmarkreviews 03/08/2016

There’s really not much to say about the GRID+ V2 – it does exactly what a fan controller should do (and more), and it does it very well. I would easily recommend the GRID+ V2 to anyone looking for more control over a range of fans – it’s a simple, relatively inexpensive way to add high-end fan controls (or just simplify fan wiring/add fan headers) to any system. For all of these reasons, I feel the GRID+ V2 is one of the best picks on the market for a fan controller with these types of capabilities. more..

eTeknixSmall eteknix 03/08/2016

I really like this product, on the surface it’s quite a simple device, but it has just enough extra features and customisation to help you squeeze some extra performance from your system. I especially like the fact that I can apply custom fan curves to the channels, rather than just dial in a set speed per profile, as it gives you greater flexibility over the cooling and acoustic performance, albeit at the cost of a little extra time to configure them all. more..

Think ComputersSmall thinkcomputers 03/08/2016

What really makes the unit so great it the ability to control it through NZXT’s custom software. There are certainly many hubs that will perform on the same level, some have led’s and other neat tricks; but the inclusion of software control takes this from being a hub to real fan controller. more..

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