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FZ Airflow Fan

High-performance Airflow Fan

  • Optimized for extreme airflow, the FZ fans move tons of air without the extreme noise you're accustom to in high CFM fans.
  • Sleeved cables helps keep cable management stealthy and sleek, while making sure your cables don't interfere with your case's airflow.
  • Long-life bearing provides increased reliability that extends well past our two year warranty period.


Model NumberRF-FZ120-02
Fan Airflow59.1 CFM
Included Cables0.71 mm-H2O
Fan BearingLong Life Bearing
Fan Connector3-Pin
Mounting Holes Distance105 x 105 mm
Fan Dimensions120 (W) x 120 (H) x 25 (D) mm
Fan Input Power1.68 W (3.60 W max.)
Fan Current0.14 A (0.30 A max.)
Fan Life40,000 Hours
Included Accessories3-Pin to 4-Pin Molex Convertor
Included Accessories4 Screws
Fan Noise Level26.8 dBA
Fan Speed1200 +/- 200 R.P.M.
Fan Rated Voltage12 V
Warranty2 Years

BCC HardwareSmall bcchardware 10/20/2015

If you are looking to upgrade your case's cooling or want some high quality replacements you can't go wrong with the FZ-140 or FZ-120 fans from NZXT. more..

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