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DOKO - PC Streaming Device

Title: DOKO


$ 9999

Product overview

  • Stream Your PC Anywhere in Your Home
  • 1080p 30fps PC Streaming
  • Four USB ports with USB Over IP technology
  • Low Latency Streaming (50-80ms)
  • Unchain the Power and Game Library of Your Desktop
  • Seamless Connectivity to Multiple PCs (Including Notebooks)
  • Wide Support for USB Input Devices
  • Perfect for Media Streaming Via Local PC Using Netflix and More
  • Windows 7 or newer required
  • Please note this unit is a US Version, and ships with a US AC power plug. Please verify that you are able to use a US AC Power plug before placing your purchase.
Model NumberAC-DOKOM-M1
DimensionsW: 108mm H: 29mm D:121mm
Included AccessoriesEthernet Cable, Power Cable
CPUWonder Media 8750
Memory256MB DDR3
Boot Storage8MB SPII Flash
Network ConnectivityGigabit Ethernet
Video OutputHDMI 1.3 or higher
Audio OutputHeadphone Port
Video Signal1080p @ 30FPS
Power12V 2.5A DC Adapter
Accessory Connection4x USB 2.0, USBOIP
MaterialRubberized Coating. ABS Plastic, PCB
Warranty2 Years

by KitGuruSmall kitguru

NZXT Doko is a gaming device that extends the range of your gaming PC so you can sit back in comfort and play games on your TV. The idea is that your gaming PC is over there, probably near your router, while your TV is some distance away more..

by Hi Tech LegionSmall hitechlegion

The NZXT DOKO streaming device may be the next best accessory for the living room. There is all this talk about the PC master race lately with them becoming so much more powerful than the current generation of consoles. The NZXT DOKO offers the same type of console experience of being able to chill on your couch and play games. It does this by... more..

DOKO SenderZIP3.46 MBDownload


Hi Tech Legion Silver
KitGuru Worth Considering

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