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CAM-powered RGB Lighting Controllers

  • HUE+ lets you light up your system like never before. It is a digitally controlled lighting solution that combines intuitive software and versatile routing options to give you unprecedented PC illumination possibilities.

  • Dual-channel illumination with support for up to 40 LEDs per channel
  • Numerous lighting modes and countless customization options
  • Digitally controlled with CAM software
  • Simple and versatile installation with daisy-chained design
  • Smart Lighting mode enables lights to react to changing PC conditions
  • Visualize PC’s sound output with Audio mode
Dimensions100mm x 70mm x 23.5mm
Material(s)Steel, Plastic, PCB
Form Factor2.5" Drive Bay
MountingHUE+ Body: Screws
LED Strip: Magnets and 3M Tape
Control MethodCAM Software
Included Accessories1 x 500 mm Extension cable
1 x 300mm Extension cable
2 x 100mm Extension cable
4 x Screws
5 x Cable ties
LED Strip(s)4
Connections1 x Molex Power
1 x Internal micro-USB cable
2 x 500mm Connection cable
Input Connector5V Molex 4-pin connector
Output Channel VoltageDC 5V
Output Channels2
Output LED QuantityUp to 40 per channel
LED Strip Length300mm, 10-LED
LED Strip Width10mm
LED ColorColor changing RGB
LED ModesPresets: Static, Fading, Breathing, Marquee, Covering Marquee, Alternating, Spectrum Wave, Pulse, Candle Light
Smart: CPU Temperature, GPU Temperature, FPS
Custom: Customize each LED
Audio (Beta): HUE+ reacts to the changing audio output from your PC
Warranty2 years
Model NumberAC-HUEPS-M1
NZXT CAMDownload
HUE+ Multi-language ManualPDF10.3 MBDownload

Gamers NexusSmall gamersnexus 11/18/2015

It's difficult to find points of complaint with the HUE+, which is ultimately just an aesthetic add-on for enthusiasts. Most of the things I'd like to see – like integration with games or more hardware monitoring – are added via firmware going forward and, frankly, aren't all that important as immediate features. They're shiny extras, in the same way that the HUE+ is a shiny extra. It's likely that competition will eventually make an appearance with expanded Smart functionality, granted, so this does seem like an area NZXT may want to focus efforts for the first patches. more..

VortezSmall vortez 12/08/2015

The beauty of Hue+ is the fact it works hand-in-hand with NZXT’s CAM software. There are pre-defined themes and animations available and there are even advanced options to modify the colour if the CPU/GPU reaches a specific temperature mark; this is quite a handy and innovative feature to have available. Viewing the effects of Hue+ verify how stunning the LEDs really are – the colours are vibrant and entire system definitely livens up any rig, giving it that “wow” factor.  more..

Tech TestersSmall 4081d6a1d9555f40 12/08/2015

Met ‘passende accessoires’ praat ik uiteraard in eerste instantie over de Hue+ kit die we hier uitvoerig hebben laten zien en die je voor een tientje of zes maar liefst vier RGB LED-strips, een zak kabels, en een hippe controller geeft. Gezien de prijs van een losse (enkele kleur) LED-strip al snel richting de 15 a 20 euro gaat, zeker als je correcte alternatieven bekijkt die magnetisch en 3M tape beplakt zijn, is het totaalpakket m.i. niet te duur. Chinese alternatieven zijn goedkoper, maar deze NZXT controller geeft je tal van toffe standaard effecten die vloeiend door de strips vliegen en eindeloze mogelijkheden alles naar eigen smaak in te richten, en laat alle strips in elke opstelling/combinatie ook nog eens perfect samenwerken. Ze snappen in elk geval dat ze meerwaarde moeten creëren, en het niet enkel op basis features en prijs moeten spelen als het op accessoires aan komt. Het resultaat is uiteindelijk gewoon heel erg tof, en hoewel de software zeker nog wel wat intuïtiever mag werkt het gewoon en blijft de Hue+ één van de leukste case accessoires die ik heb ervaren. Je systeem wordt er niet sneller van, maar dit is echt een aanradertje voor (RGB) LED liefhebbers. more..

eTeknixSmall eteknix 12/20/2015

The NZXT Hue+ is certainly an impressive bit of kit, especially for those who love to modify the design of their PC, but don’t want anything that is too complicated to configure. While there are a lot of lighting solutions on the market, such as LED fans, lighting strips, cathode lights and more, they rarely come with any after-installation customisation options. They’ll usual have a fixed LED colour, or a built-in effect that is often quite limited. Even then, they can be fairly expensive solutions when it comes to lighting a full chassis. Overall, the HUE+ has more lighting effects and colours than virtually every other solution on the market, yet still manages to be equal or lower in cost compared to creating something similar yourself, making it exceptional value for money. more..

APH NetworksSmall aphnetworks 12/20/2015

The quality of lighting is superb, as the LEDs on the HUE+ strips are very bright. The even lighting illuminates the entire inside of my case with ease. The NZXT HUE+ hits another bright spot when it comes to the controlling of the lights. The software is refined, and very telling of the great effort NZXT has put into making the CAM software into an easy to use application. The illumination options offered by NZXT cover a multitude of options, with even more choices than I expected.  more..

KitGuruSmall kitguru 12/30/2015

The NZXT HUE+ allows you to illuminate your case in a number of modes and gives you a huge amount of control, thanks to the way HUE+ integrates with the CAM software. more..

Play3r.netSmall d537c88388e26559 01/03/2016

The NZXT Hue+ is a very interesting product as it allows many different options for customising the look of your system; RGB functionality is becoming very popular and we see this trend to continue. Priced around £50 in the UK, it certainly isn’t the cheapest option around and I can see many grumbling about the price. However, when you take into consideration the design and how great it is, it’s a recommended purchase for those wanting to add a bit of flair to their system. more..

pcGameware.co.ukSmall pcgameware.co.uk 02/14/2016

The NZXT HUE+ can be summed up with simply one word, and that word is wow! If you like a bit of LED lighting (and who doesn’t!) in your case then the HUE+ is exactly what you’re looking for; it’s easy to install, easy to setup and looks fantastic! more..

Benchmark ReviewsSmall benchmarkreviews 02/14/2016

When the sheer multitude of effects is considered, along with the Smart lighting functionality and Audio settings, it’s the only kit of choice right now for lighting enthusiasts. Being “best-in-class” is a pretty rare achievement, but I can’t deny the capabilities of the HUE+ are above and beyond anything else out there right now. more..

Bjorn 3DSmall bjorn3d 03/14/2016

If you are looking to light up your case there are no reason not to run out and buy the HUE+ right away. more..

XFastestSmall be11f114af505dd7 03/16/2016

NZXT HUE+ 給了新手玩家一個不錯的微改裝機會。透過磁鐵與黏膠雙管齊下的安裝方式,幫助玩家布置自己的夢幻主機,讓酷炫燈光為你贏得同儕間的尊敬。 more..

hermitage akihabaraSmall 89682efeb023d2d8 03/23/2016

光モノアイテムの最高峰、多機能すぎるLEDライティングキット more..

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