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Mid Tower Case
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With 90% steel construction, we're able to deliver superior durability and create a case you can keep build to build.

Interior Layout

A sea of space fills the interior, with a grommet-less steel cable management bar splitting the front intake from the rest of the case while keeping your cables tame and hidden.

And Then Some.

Comes complete with the basics, USB 3.0 and HD Audio, but gives you even more with high quality materials, a smart interior layout, and tons of cable management potential.


We care about the little things. Steel plated audio jacks, captive thumb screws, and over twenty cable management points are just a few of the small touches that we’ve added.


Measuring in at 445mm high and 432mm long, the S340 bucks
the trend of tall, thick cases, enabling you to keep your PC’s
footprint to a minimum.


Performance is not sacrificed for size with this small mid tower boasting
full compatibility with our Kraken X61 and X31 liquid coolers.


The removal of the front 5.25" bays allows us to bring an unprecedented level of neatness to the interior of your case and showcase your build with an enormous side window. Our GRID+ (sold separately) ensures that fan control is not missed despite the removal of the front drive bays.