HUE+ Advanced PC Lighting
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HUE+ lets you light up your system like never before. It is a digitally controlled lighting solution that combines intuitive software and versatile routing options to give you unprecedented PC illumination possibilities.

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With Smart mode and the built-in Overlay functionality, HUE+ lighting effects reacts to the changing conditions of your PC and makes your system come to life. With Audio mode, HUE+ reacts to the audio output of your PC and beats to your systems sounds.


Using the CAM software, making changes to your PC’s lighting effects just got faster and easier. Switch between modes with a click of a button and customize HUE+ to your liking.

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The HUE+ includes 8 preset effects with in-depth customization. With dual-channel lighting output, each channel is capable of supporting up to 4 LED strips and can be configured to run separate effects.

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Setting up the HUE+ is both simple and versatile with directional and daisy-chained designed LED strips. With magnets built into the strips, quickly lay them onto any magnetic surfaces or use the double-sided tape to fix them into position to non-magnetic surfaces.

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Aer RGB <3 HUE+

Sold separately, Aer RGB is designed to integrate seamlessly with HUE+ while providing optimal airflow and even more lighting customizations. Group and daisy chain up to 5 fans per channel from the HUE+ for extensive lighting modes that work in perfect harmony.