H700 Nuka-Cola
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NZXT has teamed up with Bethesda to bring you the H700 and the N7 Z370 cover with an exclusive flavor. Introducing the Nuka-Cola H700 and N7 cover, straight from the masterminds at the Nuka-Cola Corporation. Featuring atomic flavors, battle-worn aesthetics, and the renowned pin-up artwork that withstood the test of time. You can house your PC components in your very own Nuka-Cola machine. Available for a limited production only!

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Cable management can often take more time than assembly. We designed a new cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps, on the back of the motherboard tray, for intuitive and easy wiring. We also upgraded our signature cable bar to be adjustable. The right panel is designed with a quick-release switch to enable fast and easy installation of new components and upgrades. The H700 series layout ensures you’ll enjoy building your PC as much as you enjoy gaming on it.


Zap your thirst for Nuka-Cola with the Nuka-Cola H700 and N7 covers. Due to post-apocalyptic production difficulties, only 2,000 pieces of the H700 and 400 of the N7 covers will be produced. Each H700 is equipped with a unique-numbered, limited-edition plaque and your very own Vault-Tec bobblehead figurine!

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The H700 features all-steel construction, a full tempered-glass side panel, signature PSU shroud, and builder-friendly cable management to showcase your amazing build.


We simplified water-cooling installation: a top reversible drop-in bracket is designed for radiators up to 360mm, and integrated reservoir mounting for custom-loop systems. Four Aer F fans* are included for optimal internal airflow. To preserve your system’s clean looks, front and PSU intakes are fully filtered.

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Storage installation is a snap with three quick-release 2.5” SSD trays positioned on the PSU shroud. There are also two 2.5” steel trays behind the motherboard and two 3.5” drive cages below the shroud. This storage layout optimizes airflow and interior space for a clean-looking build.


The N7 Nuka-Cola cover for NZXT N7 Motherboards completes your Nuka-Cola build with the H700 Nuka-Cola Limited Edition case. Due to post-apocalyptic production difficulties, only 400 of these covers will be produced.

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