Product Launch

January 23, 2020

Introducing the NZXT Workshop DLC for PC Building Simulator


What: NZXT Workshop DLC for PC Building Simulator 


Who: NZXT and The Irregular Corporation 


When: January 23rd, 2020


Where: Available on PC 


Why: NZXT and The Irregular Corporation have teamed up to create the NZXT Workshop as an alternative workspace for PC Building Simulator. PC building is a foundation of NZXT and that is why they are proud to work closely with The Irregular Corporation to create this new alternative workspace for use in Career or Free Build mode. Steeped in NZXT’s design DNA, the NZXT workshop highlights NZXT’s product lines including the award-winning Kraken Series of all-in-one liquid coolers, RGB products, and the H Series line of cases. Now anyone can build the extraordinary.


Watch the trailer to see the NZXT Workshop


DLC Price:  $5.99


Learn more on Steam


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