Changing the Pump Mounting (AMD)
Remove the retention ring by pushing the clips inward. Replace the Intel bracket with the AMD bracket and reapply the retention ring.
Changing the Motherboard Mounting (AMD)
Remove the stock AMD mounting brackets and install the four AMD standoffs.
Installing the Pump (AMD)
Place the pump with the preinstalled Intel bracket on to the CPU ensuring the standoffs go through the holes of the AMD bracket and securely apply the thumbscrews.
Installing the Fan (X41)
Place the fan (sticker down) on to the side of the radiator with tubes. Use the four 28mm fan screws and four washers to install the fan on to the radiator.
Installing the Radiator (X41)
Place the radiator in the case and use the four 5mm screws and four washers to mount it. (Tubes facing downward for optimal performance)
Powering the Pump
Connect the 3-pin power cable from the pump to the 4-pin CPU-PWR connector on the motherboard.
Connecting the SATA Power Cable
Connect the SATA power cable from the pump to the SATA cable from the power supply.
Powering the Fans (X41)
Connect the 4-pin fan cable to the first connector on the fan power-cable from the pump.
Connecting USB Cable
Connect the USB cable from the pump to one of the available headers on the motherboard.