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Aer P

Card 22e4f71fdb981dfb
120mm and 140mm high-performance static pressure PWM fans

Aer F

Card eee5fc820a844ed2
120mm and 140mm high-performance airflow PWM fans

Aer Trim

Card a9befd5522935567
Color trim for the Aer series fans


Card 3e0a28dba3a12d3e
120mm and 140mm digitally controlled RGB LED fans for HUE+

Aer RGB & HUE+

Cover 00562db045b5d2ac
Bundle pack Aer RGB fans with HUE+ controller


Card 64c828c7f5af1136
120mm and 140mm high-performance LED airflow fans

FZ Airflow Fan

Card fab9f00227a15914
High-performance airflow fan up to 200mm

FN V2 Airflow Fan

Card c3a24f89ada8c0d2
120mm and 140mm silence optimized airflow fan

FN 200

Card 11bc85f19fcca8d6
200mm airflow optimized fan for classic NZXT cases

FX V2 Radiator Fan

Card 2ad38daf4f49ac65
140mm high-performance static pressure PWM fans