Kraken X72

Card ef76f53ff92eb25b
CAM-powered 360mm AIO Cooler with RGB

Kraken X62

Card c16215a10a241bc5
CAM-powered 280mm AIO Cooler with RGB

Kraken X52

Card ca43fa0951b52c85
CAM-powered 240mm AIO Cooler with RGB

Kraken X42

Card 08edb513c649f144
CAM-powered 140mm AIO Cooler with RGB

Kraken M22

Card 078057658fb62710
120mm Liquid Cooler with RGB Lighting Effects

Kraken G12

Card 66f4e911f227a387
GPU Mounting Kit for Kraken Series AIO


Card 3e0a28dba3a12d3e
120mm and 140mm RGB LED Fans for HUE+

Aer RGB & HUE+

Cover 00562db045b5d2ac
HUE+ Controller and Aer RGB Bundle

Aer P

Card 22e4f71fdb981dfb
High-performance Airflow Fans

Aer F

Card eee5fc820a844ed2
High-performance Airflow Fans

Aer Trim

Card a9befd5522935567
Color Trims for the Aer F and Aer P

FN V2 Airflow Fan

Card c3a24f89ada8c0d2
120mm and 140mm Airflow Fans