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Card 568d7edd65f08bda
Digital fan controller with 6 fan channels and CAM control

Sentry 3

Card 6fe0f899a3caa4e3
Five-channel fan control with 5.25" touch display

Internal USB Hub

Card 6c8c1c2a6eec9d81
Internal USB port expansion with dedicated power

Aperture M

Card 10fd7eb517f63db8
Memory card reader for 5.25" Bays

Sentry Mix 2

Card 61841f9dfdfe9a35
Slider adjustment fan control for up to 6 fans

Sentry Mesh

Card 03e8e74b49935a9f
Fan controller designed to blend seamlessly with meshed 5.25" bays


Card 76358fb062b64cec
10-port fan hub made to be tucked away easily


Card 3836ee4184bac08e
Cable management and headset-mounting solution for PC cases