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Sleeved LED Kit

Easiest and quickest way to add lighting to your PC

  • Designed to take up minimal space and fit in narrow areas in any case, the Sleeved LED Kit provides tons of LEDs on one cable to simplify installation.
  • 5 Kit Colors: Set the mood or mix and match with red, green, white, blue, or orange kits.
  • Sleeved LED Kit comes in 2 lengths; 1 meter and 2 meter.
  • 3-Step Light Sensitivity: Allows user to turn LEDs on high, medium, and low settings or turn off.


Included AccessoriesPlastic Holder Clips
LED ColorWhite / Red / Orange / Blue / Green
Form FactorSingle Expansion Slot
UPC895562002797 (White 1 Meter)
895562002834 (White 2 Meter)
895562002773 (Red 1 Meter)
895562002810 (Red 2 Meter)
895562002803 (Orange 1 Meter)
895562002841 (Orange 2 Meter)
895562002780 (Blue 1 Meter)
895562002827 (Blue 2 Meter)
895562002957 (Green 1 Meter)
895562002964 (Green 2 Meter)
Connections1x Molex
Cable FinishSleeved
MountingPlastic Holder Clips
LED Strip Length1 Meter / 2 Meter
Brightness Levels3 & Off
Model NumberCB-LED10-WT (White 1 Meter)
CB-LED20-WT (White 2 Meter)
CB-LED10-RD (Red 1 Meter)
CB-LED20-RD (Red 2 Meter)
CB-LED10-OR (Orange 1 Meter)
CB-LED20-OR (Orange 2 Meter)
CB-LED10-BU (Blue 1 Meter)
CB-LED20-BU (Blue 2 Meter)
CB-LED10-GR (Green 1 Meter)
CB-LED20-GR (Green 2 Meter)
Warranty2 Years
Control MethodBrightness Switch

KitGuruSmall kitguru 10/23/2015

The NZXT LED kit does exactly what it is advertised to do and that is provide a simple way for a user to spice up the look of the system. more..

Think ComputersSmall thinkcomputers 10/23/2015

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to light there computer case and also doesn’t want to spend the cash trying to make their own. more..

Custom PC ReviewSmall custompcreview 10/23/2015

the impact is very noticeable. [...] the lighting looks absolutely fantastic and it helps light up all the beautiful hardware inside very well. more..

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Lighting Kit
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