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FN V2 Airflow Fan

120mm and 140mm silence optimized airflow fan

  • Anti-Vibration pads line all eight corners of the the FN V2 for optimal vibration dampening.

  • Sleeved fan cabling allows you to have a sleek, seamless fan installation.
  • The redesigned fan blades have been made thicker to give more reliable operation and longevity.
  • Both the 120mm and 140mm have been tuned to peak at just 21 dBA at full speed.


Model NumberRF-FN122-RB
Dimensions120 x 120 x 27mm
Fan Airflow45 CFM
Fan Air Pressure0.9 mm - H2O
Fan BearingRifle Bearing
Fan Connector3-Pin
Fan Input Power1.92W
Fan Current0.16A
Included Accessories3 to 4-Pin Molex Adapter x 1
Screw x 4
Fan Life40,000 hours /4 Years
Fan Noise Level21 dBA
Fan Speed1200 ± 15% RPM
Fan Rated Voltage12V DC
Product Weight138.4 g
Warranty2 Years

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