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Aer F

High-performance Airflow Fans

  • The Aer F performance fan is designed to maximize airflow through your build. Engineered to move air efficiently, it features a chamfered intake and exhaust for high volume airflow, and winglet-designed blades to reduce drag. The Aer F uses fluid dynamic bearing to provide silent operations, long-lasting durability, and powerful cooling performance with color customization.

  • Optimized for high-performance airflow

  • Winglet designed fan blades and chamfered intake and exhaust

  • PWM fan with optimized cooling and whisper-soft 22 dBA

  • Fluid dynamic bearing engineered to last over six years

  • Sleeved cables and vibration dampeners

  • Changeable color trim available in blue, red, and white (sold separately)


DimensionsAer F120: 120 x 120 x 26mm
Aer F140: 140 x 140 x 26mm
Material(s)Plastic, Rubber
Fan SpeedAer F120: 500~1,500 +/- 200 RPM
Aer F140: 500~1,500 +/- 200 RPM
Fan AirflowAer F120: 21.01~63.02 CFM
Aer F140: 34.48~103.43 CFM
Fan Air PressureAer F120: 0.13~1.24mm-H2O
Aer F140: 0.15~1.42mm-H2O
Fan Noise LevelAer F120: 22~31dBA
Aer F140: 21~35dBA
Fan BearingFluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
Fan Rated VoltageAer F120: 12V DC, 0.18A, 2.16W
Aer F140: 12V DC, 0.32A, 3.84W
Fan Connector4-pin PWM
Fan Life60,000 hours / 6 Years
Warranty2 years
Model NumberRF-AF120-B1(Aer F120)
RF-AF120-D1(Aer F120 Twin Pack)
RF-AF140-B1(Aer F140)
RF-AF140-D1(Aer F140 Twin Pack)
UPC815671013187(Aer F120)
815671013217(Aer F120 Twin Pack)
815671013194(Aer F140)
815671013224(Aer F140 Twin Pack)
EAN5060301693528(Aer F120)
5060301693542(Aer F120 Twin Pack)
5060301693535(Aer F140)
5060301693559(Aer F140 Twin Pack)

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Aer F
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