Tempest 210

Mid-Sized Tower
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Tempest 210 Mid Tower Computer Case



Enthusiast Mid-Tower Chassis

Let’s face it - gamers’ rooms get extremely hot. Between your monitor and intense 1v1 matches, your entire environment is trapped with heat. This becomes problematic because not only are you affected but your PC as well.  All that raw power needs to be contained and cooled. The Tempest 210 is the ender to your heat issues with its mesh design. The massive mesh design maintains a constant stream of fresh air inside your case while keeping the hot air out. As a bonus, this case has the capacity to mount up to 8 fans with the ability to change positions on the side fan. Get rid of your heating issues by investing in the Tempest 210 as the master of chilling.


Massive mesh styling for improved cooling and optimal airflow
Includes one 120mm and one 140mm fan with a cooling potential of up to 8 fans with the ability to change positions on the side fan
Screw-less 5.5” and 3.5” bays for easy installation and expansion
USB 3.0 for up-to-date high speed data transfer
Easy cable management for routing cables to enable better airflow inside your system